The Downswing

The Arms

There are 2 movements involving your arms that coincide with the shoulder movement.  Combining these with the shoulder movements allow you to properly complete the downswing:

1.  The Right Elbow Points To Golf Ball And Left Arm Is Straight: Starting from the top of the back swinging down towards the ball you must have the right arm(“Red Arrow”) bent at the elbow and the left arm (“Orange Line”) straight.  You should try to keep the right arm bent as long as you can while having the point of the elbow moving towards the golf ball (Figure 2 and 3 show the elbow bend and pointed at the ball as long as possible before impact)





Tip: Imagine a string is connected from the tip of your right elbow to the golf ball. This string will feel like it is pulling your elbow directly down and towards the golf ball from the top of the backswing.

2.  Both Arms Are Straight At Impact With The Golf Ball:

At Impact with the golf ball (Figure 2a), the force of your swing will automatically straighten out your bent right arm (Figure 1a) and both arms (“Red Arrow”) should be straight with maximum extension (Figure 2a)



Tip: You want to feel both of your arms completely straight right as you are hitting the ball.