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Every Purchase of Max Distance Golf  will receive 2 FREE Swing Reviews from one of our instructors.  In addition, you can purchase individual Swing Analysis or sign up for an unlimited monthly pass.  You do not need to purchase Max Distance Golf in order to purchase a Swing Analysis.  This offer gives you the opportunity to receive one on one instruction and feedback focused specifically on YOUR swing.

Swing Analysis Examples:

You will receive the highest quality analysis delivered to you by our Max Distance Instructors.  They will provide a comprehensive analysis of your swing which will have you hitting your drives further in no time.  "Examples Below"

Example DTL:

Quick Analysis:

  1. Your club is across the line at the top of the backswing and needs to be pointed towards your target line.
  2. Try and keep the space from your elbow to your shoulder of your right arm connected to your body during the backswing.
  3. Drill:  Put a headcover or other small object under your right armpit and make a backswing without letting the headcover fall out.
Full Analysis:

Moving from left to right you can see how your spine angle starts and remains tilted from setup through impact.  This allows you to harness and release power into the golf shot without straining your body.  Great work and make sure you continue to do this.

The issue that needs to be fixed with this swing is at the top of the backswing.  The club is pointed too far to the right, or across the line.  Notice how the red line in the second picture from the left is pointed to the right where as the proper position, identified by the blue line, is pointed straight down the fairway.

In order to get the club to the proper position at the top of the backswing, you should try and keep your right under arm connect closer to your right lat muscle during your backswing.  Try putting a headcover under your right armpit and make some backswings without having the headcover fall to the ground.  Once you get the feel of this, remove the headcover and try hitting the ball with that feeling.  This should help cure the problem.

Example Caddie View/Face On:

Quick Analysis:

    1. Keep your weight inside your back food on the backswing.
    2. Keep your head focused on the ball during the entire backswing and downswing.
    3. Remember to bring your front shoulder under your chin on the backswing
    4. Drill:  Put a line on a mirror and take backswings focusing on making sure your head doesn't move.
    5. Drill:  Put an object under the backside of your back foot and use it as a runner's starting block to ensure you don't get your weight outside the back foot.
Full Analysis:

There are a lot of good things going on in your swing.  Your width on the backswing is excellent and you maintain a great spine angle throughout your swing, however there are two key areas that need to be addressed to make sure you deliver a consistent strike to the ball.

First, as you make your way to the top of the backswing, the second figure from the left, you must make sure your weight doesn't get past your back foot.  Try putting a headcover under the outside of your back foot.  It should feel like you are a runner at the starting blocks with the inside of your back foot on the ground and the outside of the back foot raised up on the headcover.  Once positioned, try taking backswings and feel how the weight never goes past the inside of the back foot.  Practice this until you master the feeling then remove the object and try hitting a ball.

The second area to address is your head position on the backswing.  As you can see by the highlighted circle around your head, every picture shows your head pointing at the ball except on the backswing.  You don't want to lose sight of the ball as this may cause you to make adjustments or even worse miss hit the ball on the downswing.  A great tip to help keep your head still is to try and move your front shoulder under your chin on the backswing.  Most of the time, the shoulder ends up moving your head which appears to be the case here.  A good drill to keep your head still is to take a piece of masking tape about a foot long and put it on a full length mirror at home.  Position the tape so that when you are looking at the mirror the tape runs vertical from the top left of your head straight down to your shoulder.  Take practice swings while looking at the mirror.  Try and keep the tape line on your head during the entire backswing.

Follow these tips and you will pick up more distance off your tee shots without any added effort.

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