What people are saying...

Tom, 48

"The video analysis is better than any lesson I've had from my local pro and a fraction of the cost.  The one on one instruction is worth the membership by itself!"

Tom, 48 , Springfield, NJ
Phil, 62

I've been playing for 40 years and always buy the newest Driver hoping for added distance but I never get the extra yards. After following the Max Distance System I'm hitting my drives 20-30 yards longer.

Phil, 62, Laguna Hills, CA
Mark, 28

"I finally hit a drive over 300 yards and couldn't believe how easy I swung!  This really works!"         

Mark, 28, Houston, TX
Jeremy, 55

I'm a scratch golfer, and amateur tournament player.  Since using the Max Distance Golf system I can now hit it out past my younger competitors and reach par 5's I have never been able to in the past.

Jeremy, 55, Palm Springs, CA
David, 30

Thanks Matt! The swing reviews have been extremely helpful in identifying ways to better optimize my swing. The feedback and response time has been outstanding. You and your team are awesome!

David, 30, Las Vegas, NV
Jack, 23

I've been implementing Matt's techniques for the past couple months, and I'm seeing great results. I typically max out around 250-260 yards. Now I'm routinely hitting the ball 280 yards or more.

Jack, 23, Dallas, TX
Jerry, 69

"I've been playing golf my entire life and have never hit long drives.  I always buy the newest driver but my distance doesn't really change.  I have now been using the Max Distance method for 2 months and have seen my distance go from 220 yards all the way to 250 yards at times.  I can't believe I never knew how to hit the Driver properly.  I only wish I knew this 30 years ago."

Jerry, 69, Beverly Hills, CA
Lou, 58

"I've been playing golf almost my entire life and has Matt has taught me more about hitting the driver far in 5 minutes than I have learned in my entire 40 plus years of playing golf."

Lou, 58, Anaheim, CA
Tammy, 37

"Max Distance Golf has made golf fun again for me and I have gained almost 30 yards on my tee shots"

Tammy, 37, Denver, CO
Matt, 32

"Max Distance Golf makes it easy to understand the swing fundamentals in both the instructional videos and lesson guides."

Matt, 32, Orlando, FL
Tim, 42

"I can't believe how far I'm hitting the ball now.  The ball just seems to stay in the air forever!"

Tim, 42, New York, NY
Kyle, 37

"I don't have time to play a lot but when I do get out I love to hit the ball as far as I can off the tee and impress my friends.  I always thought I needed to swing faster but after learning from Max Distance I am swinging easier and hitting the ball further!"

Kyle, 37, Chicago, IL
Shaun, 52

"It's unreal how far I'm bombing my drives!  I never thought I'd be able to hit the ball this far."      

Shaun, 52, Tempe, AZ
Chuck, 38

"Max Distance Golf has changed my golfing experience.  I'm hitting the ball 30 yards farther!"

Chuck, 38, San Ramon, CA
Eric, 55

"Thanks Matt and Max Distance Team!  Your video analysis has really helped me."

Eric, 55, Portland, OR
Raul, 44

"I'm killing my Driver off the tee and I'm playing better all around golf!"

Raul, 44, San Diego, CA