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Table of Contents

Components of Distance

This section explains long drive terminology and how it relates to key components necessary to maximize your driving distance.

1 - Club Head Speed

2 - Ball Speed

3 - Launch Angle 

4 - Angle of Attack

5 - Effective Loft 

6 - Combined Launch Angle

7 - Combined Launch Angle Continued 

8 - Backspin

9 - Smash Factor 

10 - Distance Maximization Chart

Ball Flight

This section details the factors that contribute to the flight of a golf ball, how those factors create different ball flights and then explains what optimal ball flight you should try and achieve.

11 - Why Carry Distance is Important

12- Carry Distance Charts

13 - Low, Medium, and High Backspin


14 - Optimal Backspin vs too much or too little


15 - Optimal Ball Flight Chart

16 - 3 Components of Ball Flight

The Grip

In this section, you will learn about the different styles of grips, which grip is best for you and what key elements you must employ in your grip to maximize your power and consistency.

17 - The Grip

18 - The Overlap Grip

19 - The Interlocking Grip

20 - The 10 Finger “Baseball” Grip

21 - How To Hold The Grip

22 - The V’s

23 - Why The V’s Point To The Back


24 - Strength Of The Grip


The Setup

This section teaches you the best address positions to use when setting up to hit the ball.  These positions will make it easier and more efficient to create a powerful swing and increase your distance.

25 - Weight Distribution And Stance Width

26 - Proper Ball Position

27 - Proper Spine Tilt

28 - Proper Tee Height

29 - The Correct Setup and Contact

The Backswing

This section features how to move your body and club so you are in the best position at the top of the backswing to start your downswing and deliver maximum distance to the golf ball.

30 - The Backswing

31 - How To Create The Proper Backswing

The Downswing

This section teaches the step by step motions you will make as you start your downswing and approach impact with the ball.  These steps when properly combined in sequence will help to deliver optimum efficiency to your swing and help to maximize your driving distance.

32 - The Downswing

33 - The Squat 

34 - The Bump 

35 - The Turn

36 - The Shoulders

37 - The Arms

The Follow Through

In this section, you will learn the final piece of the swing, impact position through follow through, to help you hit the ball further.

38 - The 2 Components Necessary To Achieve Maximum Distance

39 - The Shoulders Create Attack Angle

40 - How To Create Attack Angle

41 - How The Club Head Moves On An Arc 

42 - Club Head Positioning At And After


43 - How To Move Your Hands And Arms 


This section demonstrates several different drills and practice techniques you can use to help hit longer drives.

44 - Baseball Diamond Drill 

45 - Swoosh Drill