Components of Distance

"Combined" Launch Angle

 This is the sum of the Angle of Attack combined with the Effective Loft.

You can achieve the same “Combined” Launch Angle multiple ways. For demonstration purposes, the below diagrams show how 15 degrees of “Combined” Launch Angle can be created based on the relation of your Angle of Attack to your Clubface Angle.

A Negative Angle of Attack requires the Effective Club Head Loft to raise in order to produce the same Launch Angle. This combination produces the most amount of backspin on the ball.

A flat Angle of Attack means that the Club Head Loft is essentially the number stated on the Club Head. In this example it would be 15 degrees. This combination of a flat Angle of Attack still produces too much backspin on the ball and doesn't allow you to maximize your distance.

This combination of a Positive Angle of Attack and less Club Head Loft is ideal for maximizing your distance because it allows the ball to travel at the desired “Combined” Launch Angle while producing a ball flight with the lowest amount of backspin.