The Grip

The Grip

Now that we have a better understanding of the physics affecting ball flight and distances, let us examine how best to achieve maximum distance.

The Grip is the first and one of the most important steps in hitting the ball far.  The proper grip will allow you to deliver the club consistently to the ball because it allows you to control the clubface throughout the swing. There are 3 commonly used grips you can use as demonstrated below.

Overlap "Vardon" Grip

Interlocking Grip

10 Finger "Baseball" Grip

Regardless of the grip style you choose, it is recommended you follow two essential concepts:

1: Have a neutral grip (compared to strong or weak grip) “Both Vs point to the back shoulder”

-Strong grips promote a draw.

-Weak grips promote a fade.

-The V’s are created by the connection of the Thumb and Pointer Fingers (Demonstrated Below)


2: Hold the club with the proper fingers and the right amount of pressure

-Hold the club in the thumb and pointer finger of the right hand and the last 3 fingers of the left hand. (Demonstrated Below)

-Pressure applied to the grip should equal to that of holding an egg in your hand and squeezing it but not hard enough to break it.