Matt "Hangman" Hanger

About Matt and Max Distance Golf

Matt "Hangman" Hanger is one of the longest hitters of the golf ball on the planet.  Despite the fact that Matt is smaller in stature and has a slower swing speed than many of his fellow competitors in the Long Drive world, Matt has been able to discover how to maximize his abilities and outhit his bigger and faster competitors.

Matt is not only a Long Driver, but he is also a scratch golfer.  Matt takes his knowledge of hitting the ball far and is able to apply accuracy in a round of golf.  This combination of power and control are the keys that Matt has learned as he has mastered his craft and he is now ready to share all of this knowledge through his unique system, Max Distance Golf.

Max Distance Golf will teach you the same principles and techniques Matt has used to become one of the longest hitters on the planet and the best part is that Max Distance Golf will help any golfer regardless of their age, strength, or ability.


  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • Max Distance Golf Head Instructor
  • 2-time World Long Drive Championship Finalist
  • #1 rank for the 2014 World Long Drive Championship
  • Longest Drive in Competition: 468 Yards
  • Swing Speed: 145 mph
  • Ball Speed: 218 mph
  • Driver: XR16 Pro LD
  • Shaft: House Of Forged Platinum
  • Driver Loft: 5.5 degrees
  • Shaft Flex: 3X