The Grip

How To Hold The Grip

Regardless of the style of grip you choose to use, it is important to hold the club in the thumb and pointer finger of the right hand (Figure 1) and the last 3 fingers “Middle, Ring and Pinky” of the left hand (Figure 2) The rest of the fingers can then loosely be wrapped around to add support.

Picture68(FIGURE 1)

Picture67(FIGURE 2)

The pressure applied in these 2 key areas should be equal to that of you holding an egg in your hand and squeezing it but not hard enough to break the egg.

Overlap "Vardon" Grip

Interlocking Grip

10 Finger "Baseball Grip"

Reminder: You must have the 3 middle knuckles (Pointer, Middle and Ring Finger) on the right hand in a diagonal line with the Pointer Finger's middle knuckle on the left hand. (Demonstrated Above)