The Follow Through

Club Head Positioning At And After Impact

Club Head position at impact and the follow through is one of the biggest mistakes made when trying to maximize your distance. If the club head doesn't continue to follow the proper swing arc and the club face doesn't stay square to that arc you will not only lose distance but accuracy as well.

In order to make sure your club head moves properly during the follow through, the club head must trace the swing arc and the club face must continue to close or turn relative to the direction of your target.  This happens immediately after impact with the golf ball, Illustrated below by the Yellow Arrows.   If the club head does not continue on the swing arc and the face angle doesn't close relative to your target line, the ball will have too much back spin and most likely fly out to the right.


The image above demonstrates the 2 necessary components of the club head during the follow through: 

  1. The club head must move on the correct swing arc "Red Arc" throughout the entire follow through.
  2. The club face must remain square "Yellow Arrow" to that swing arc during the follow through. (Note: When performing this, you may feel like the club face is closing too much or turning over, but as you can see from the image, the club face remains square "perpendicular" to the swing arc).