Components of Distance

Club Head Speed

Club Head Speed is the speed at which the Club Head is traveling at the time of impact with the Golf Ball.

Question: Is Club Head Speed the most important factor in hitting the ball further?

Answer: NO, Optimizing the 3 key factors (Ball Speed, Launch Angle, and Spin) will have a much greater impact on gaining distance and will require much less effort by the golfer.


  • The average golfer swinging the club at 100 mph normally hits the ball 243 yards
  • That same golfer can increase his or her distance distance by 42 yards and still swing at 100 mph if he or she optimize their 3 key factors: (Ball Speed, Launch Angle, and Spin)
  • If the average golfer doesn't optimize the 3 key factors, he or she would need to increase their swing speed to 117 mph in order to achieve the same 42 yard gain.