Components of Distance

"Combined" Launch Angle

Combined Launch Angle is the sum of the Angle of Attack plus the Effective Club Head Loft.

Picture1Angle of Attack

This is the angle formed between the ground and the Club Head as the Club Head moves on the Swing Arc towards impact with the ball.  It is important to note that this angle can be positive (+), neutral (0) or negative (-) number based on whether you hit the ball on the downswing, bottom of the swing or the upswing of the Swing Arc. 

“The above picture captures the ball being hit with positive (+) Angle of Attack”


Effective Loft

This is the loft at impact attributed to the Angle of the Clubface in relation to the Angle of Attack. If you were to make impact with the ball at the bottom of the Swing Arc, your Effective Loft would be the same number as the degree listed on your Club Head (e.g. 10 degrees).  This is due to the fact that your Clubface Angle would be square to the ground and your Angle of Attack (0 degrees) would also be square to the ground.  However, most golfers don’t hit the ball at the bottom of the arc with a perfectly square face, therefore your Effective Loft will vary plus or minus based on the relation of the Clubface Angle and the Angle of Attack.


"Combined" Launch Angle

This is the launch angle when you combine both the Angle Of Attack and the Effective Club Head Loft.  When properly hitting a drive, your Angle of Attack and Club Head Loft should combine to create a higher launch angle than either of the two component angles on their own.  For example, +4 degrees Angle Of Attack combined with +10 degrees of Effective Loft will produce a Combined Launch Angle of 14 degrees.