The Follow Through

How To Move Your Hands And Arms To Create A Proper Release Of The Club

Your hands and arms must rotate at and after impact properly in order to ensure maximum contact with the ball.  Your back arm and hand should rotate on top of the front arm and hand.  This position should be achieved when the club is parallel to the ground after impact.  The wrists never hinge or break down during this as the arms, wrists and hands all rotate together (Pictured Below).



Note: It is extremely important to understand that the wrists DO NOT hinge or break down. The wrists act as an extension of the arms and rotate together.

Practice Drill

To make sure you have the feel of this correct, swing to the follow through position where your arms are situated 90 degrees to the ground (position above) without a club in your hand and clap your palms together. If the back of your left hand and palm of your right hand are facing directly down to the ground, you are rotating correctly.  If wearing a wrist watch on your left hand, the face of the watch will be facing directly down towards the ground.