The Follow Through

How The Shoulder's Move To Create Proper Attack Angle

In order to get the club head moving in a positive Angle of Attack, you need to swing the club so that once the club head bottoms out on the swing arc, the club head begins to rise up towards the sky as fast as it can. The way this is easiest to achieve is by rotating your shoulders down and under your chin.

Example Of A Positive Angle Of Attack

Golfer swinging with a positive Angle of Attack
Close up of the club head moving towards impact with a positive Angle of Attack

Example Of The Shoulders Rotating Under The Chin

Example Of Proper Shoulder Angle Creating Optimal Ball Launch

(Left to Right "Red Circle": Flat, Average, Optimized Shoulder Turn)

Note how the Optimized Shoulder Turn arc is the steepest but still remains on the same arc as the club shaft.