The Setup

Weight Distribution And Stance Width

Weight Distribution

In order to achieve proper weight distribution at the setup, you must do the following:

  1. Your weight should be balanced between the balls of the feet and the heels.
  2. Both knees should be slightly flexed and directly above the heels.
  3. Your upper body and spine should be tilted slightly away from the target but your lower body should remain level.
  4. A slight bit more weight should be applied to your back foot compared to your front (60% vs 40%).

(Demonstrated Below)


Stance Width

In addition to your weight distribution, your stance width at setup is equally as important.  If your feet are too close together you can lose balance during the backswing and if they are too wide apart you may not be able to properly transfer your weight back to the ball on the downswing. In order to obtain proper stance width there are a couple of keys:

  1. The big toes of your feet should be positioned directly under your shoulders (Red Arrows) and they overall width should be similar to the distance between your shoulders (Orange Arrows).
  2. Your heel width (Green Arrow) should be slightly closer to each other than your toe's/shoulder width (Orange Arrows). 

(Demonstrated Below)